Services We Offer at 360° Solutions

We offer a range of services for Franchisees, owners, and investors who are looking to create great clubs that service their local community well and return a good profit.

​​​​​​At the beginning of your journey is our Club Opening service – used consistently by fellow owners to ensure strong sales performance from the moment you enter a market.

Our Performance management service is for
clubs that want to be guided and managed through the journey from opening to a full and successful club…and to stay there!​​​​​​

For clubs that need a rejuvenation we spend
some time with them to get them back to their best, and for clubs that have been successfully purchased, we offer a starter package for the owners to get best practice instilled from
day 1 of their new management.

What We Focus on at 360° Solutions

Throughout all of our services – the core areas we focus on to build value in your business are;

  • Increasing your membership sales

  • Improving your retention rates

  • Creating higher yield members

  • Improving your staff engagement


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Why 360° Solutions

There are lots of reasons people use us to help them with achieving their goals, but some of the most common are;

Experience: We can add the frankly essential private leisure experience necessary to make sure you create a successful business at the first attempt – be this husband and wife teams, or experienced franchisors from other industries.

Commerciality: We have owned and run these facilities ourselves and know how to get them to make money, how to maximise that profit, and how to sell them on

Engagement: As a small team who take on contracts that we are passionate about we engage with owners and investors regularly to keep them up to date and are very honest in our assessments of what needs to be done to create successful clubs

Speed: Engaging with us from day1 ensures our clients avoid the pitfalls and hazards that can slow a club down, meaning they get to their maximum return much quicker than other similar clubs.

ABOUT 360° Solutions

As a team of experienced leisure centre, gym and hotel operators, we have a real passion for the continued success of the health and leisure industry and we marry that with the exact skills to ensure your business starts successfully, operates successfully and can be sold successfully.

Our team have opened and managed over 50 gyms, ensuring consistency and strong performance at each site, and look forward to talking with you about how we can help with your business goals.

What Our Clients Say

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