Has your club lost its spark?

Are membership sales starting to ramp down?

Have you bought an existing club?

Are you losing more members than you used to?

Has there been new competition in your area?

Whatever the reason, seeing your club plateau or even go backwards can be a stressful period for any Owner.

However it happens to many and the process is very reversible! At 360 we have over 20 years experience of driving clubs performance, across the anytime fitness network and beyond. We offer a dedicated service to clubs that need an effective and proven improvement plan created specifically for their club, to ensure that they get back on track.

We work closely with the owners and managers to understand the current circumstances and then tailor our efforts to the needs of each site, whether that be in team training, sales and marketing strategies or operational improvements.

We would love to speak to you about your club, and would invite you to contact us for a no obligation site visit to discuss your particular requirements.